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Steve Williams

Steve Williams, President & CEO
Affordable Fuels

Dear Customer


Let me give you a little background on how Affordable Fuels started and why we feel you can trust us for consistent high level of service.


I have over 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry. Starting out as a Propane Service Tech in Newfoundland in the late 1980's. In the early 90's I started working within the oil heating business shortly after moving to Nova Scotia. From an installation helper to driving oil trucks with Wilson's Home Heating, driving a gasoline and diesel delivery truck for Irving Oil, being an oil delivery driver for Shell as well as doing some sales calls during the summer months to help grow my area. I moved on from there to a senior drivers position and manager with Anytime Fuels in Dartmouth. During that time I helped negotiate the sale of the company to a large player in the market. After a short time of reflection I started with Mini Tankers which is now known as 4-Refuel. While with them I helped expand their market share in Atlantic Canada. Growing both their on site refueling as well as home heating oil market. I held positions in sales, as well as safety compliance supervisor and the Regional Manager for Atlantic Canada.

I have taken great deal of pride in being able to work with clients to satisfy their heating needs both for commercial and residential clients, while bringing them the best possible price available. That is why I started Affordable Fuels. We have been building the company based on what the customers are telling us they are looking for. And that is a consistent attitude towards true customer service while providing the best possible price. That is why we say "Your True Alternative to High Oil Price" it is not just a tag line but a commitment to you, our customers.

Some of my competitors will try to convince you that "Discount Oil Companies" do not provide the same service to the clients as they do. This has never been more false than it is today. We offer most of the same services that "BIG OIL" does. Even some of the local grown mid sized full service oil companies feel the need to post false information on their web sites about the services we provide. Let me set the record straight!

We offer best prices available in our current market. With our debit and email money transfer discounts of a additional 2 cents per liter, we offer automatic delivery to our clients on both a monthly fill or a pre set delivery amount per month. NO need to call in every month or watch your tank. The majority of our orders are delivered next day on call in orders. No waiting days at home for the oil truck to arrive. We have online orders and payments available and accept Visa as well as Master Card.  


Affordable Fuels

If for any reason we do not meet your deservingly high expectation in both areas of service and price please let us know right away. We will take every opportunity to make it right for you. It is you the customer, through your continued support, allowing us to grow as a company. We don't take that lightly.


Thank You for considering Affordable Fuels Ltd

Steve Williams M.B.

Customer Comments

"Thank you so much! From your happy customers since 2007!"  Anastasia Kleronomos

"I highly recommend your company to my friends. Keep up the awesome job!!!!!"  Andy Maca

"You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for pulling through for us on Friday." Gerry Pothier